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The Junction

In the transitioning time between summer and fall of 2017, Nure Collective (then known as Blackmail Collective) held a month-long event at the now-closed 1AM Gallery location in Oakland, CA.


The residency was designed as an opportunity to hold space for ourselves as well as a check-in with our creative partners, community, and loved ones. It resulted in a series of events dedicated to spending time with, challenging, uplifting, and sharing intentional time with one another. Some events are highlighted below:


Night Ride, 08/04: A small bike ride and tour through downtown Oakland.


The Function, 08/13: An artist’s mixer in which artists of all mediums and strides came together to work through how we as a creative community could be more connected and collaborative.


Dranks & Draws, 08/19: A Hella Massive and Nure Co. collaboration whose title defines exactly what it is. 

Politicin’, 08/24: An event led by Nure Co. member, Jared Mitchell, highlighting political education, art making, and letter writing to incarcerated individuals.  


crit exchange, 08/24: A series designed by Nure Co. member, Yetunde Olagbaju, dedicated to Black & brown artists seeking an alternative to the art school critique that encourages authenticity, transparency of artistic process, and exchange.


The Black Aesthetic Presents, 08/31: A collaborative film screening and talk with Oakland based film group, The Black Aesthetic, that featured short films from Terrence Nance & Jeron Braxton.


The Black Market, 09/01: The closing event that showcased the work and products from Nure Co. collective members and other artists around the Bay Area.


Music throughout the month was provided by: SELA, Eighty9s, Ovrkast, Mejiwahn, Soso Topic & Cheflee

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