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Love Brought

You Here

With all the hate that's being projected everywhere we all are emotionally strained. To remind people that the way to heal our minds and hearts is through communication and love. Love that isn't only confined to the romantic, but extends into the everyday practices to one another. As we lift up the loved ones we lost and celebrate the ones who are here fighting the everyday battles, we - the Black Mail Collective - invite you to poems, artwork and music that help alleviate some of those everyday pressures ; to celebrate love in all of its many forms. - Ace West

Zine features:
Adrianna Adams, Yoni Asega, Chris Burch
Xxavier Edward Carter, Luna Gomez, Joonbug, Queens D. Light, Chris Martin
Wardell McNeal, Jared Mitchell, Yetunde Olagbaju, Jaleesa Rosario, Rafael Salgado
Muzae Sesay, Soleil Summer, Rodney Spencer, Adrian Walker, Arrington "Ace" West, & Horacio Lopez

Listen to the Mixtape HERE

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