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How to Make an 8 Fold Zine


Create your very own zine using only a single sheet of paper.


  • 1 piece of paper (preferably 8.5” x 11” but can really be any size)

  • Scissors or blade (otherwise you’re going to have to lick and rip!)

  • A computer or pen/pencil to create your art!

  • A scanner or copier (zines were meant to be distributed! a photo will definitely work while you are in quarantine)



  • Take your sheet of paper and fold it hamburger-style, now unfold it (this part is for creating creases)

  • Now that your sheet is open again, fold it hotdog-style now, then unfold

  • Hold your open sheet of paper landscape (long-ways) and fold in the left edge to the centerfold, then the right edge to the center fold (close the doors!)

  • Open your piece of paper up one last time, you are now done creasing!

  • Now, fold your paper hamburger again and get your scissors!

  • Carefully cut from your folded edge along the middle crease to the vertical crease (scroll down for the illustration if you’re confused!)

  • You did it! Alright, here comes the hard part: open your sheet, now with your slit, and fold it hotdog. Holding your sheet with both hands, push gently to tent the middle panels and close the booklet (here’s a little visual below)


  • You’re done, you’ve constructed your zine! Now for the fun part of making it your very own. Don’t forget, once your panels are all drawn you can open your sheet flat again and draw even more on the inside. The backside is often used and a related poster.

  • Last but not least: share your work! No zine is too small or too simple to go out into the world, don’t talk yourself out of it, it is often the best part! If you would like to share with us our email is or find us on Instagram @irrelevantpress 

  • Thank you so very much for making a zine with us!


Psst, did you know you can turn your zine landscape (vs. portrait) and have the pages open top to bottom instead of left to right?!

Topic Ideas:

  • List some activities you’ve enjoyed while sheltering-in-place

  • A recipe you’d like a share

  • A story you would like to remember

  • Draw your friends! Or things you like about your friends!

About The Press:

Hi, we’re Irrelevant Press. We are four creative queers who have been making zines together for over six years. Irrelevant Press is based out of Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY. Our collective passion is helping first-timers make their first zine! We love to see new art and writing, and assist in sharing it with others. We are in the zine world because we enjoy the collaborative process and have made so many great friends in the community along the way.


Instagram: @irrelevantpress

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