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Shakin’ Systems refers to the social structure of inequality and misrepresentation in the United States. It magnifies the constant movements that people of color create in order to navigate the racism embedded within the infrastructure of society.


Although we have come pretty far, all of the problems that we face are traced back to the “founding” of this country. This show serves as a metaphor of how black and marginalized folks face this struggle in America everyday.


To combat this social and political stigma, the artists of the Black Mail Collective have created works encouraging viewers to look internally to join these artists’ endeavors to take back the power stolen from them.


By using abstract placement, explorations of escapism, and vibrant colors, these pieces break down oppressive forces, and grants access to true representation and freedom.

Michael Covington, Yetunde Olagbaju, Muzae Sesay
& Soleil Summer


Guest performance by: DeMareon Gipson


Curated by: Arrington “Ace” West of The Black Mail Collective


In collaboration with The ASI Art Gallery Team:
Topher Maka, Director

Renae Moua, Assistant Director
Anh Bui, Gallery Assistant
Ewart Bungo Jr., Gallery Assistant
Javier Etchegaray, Gallery Assistant

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